Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace human thought?

As we understand the world we live in today, it was the age of reason that originated the thoughts and actions which shaped the contemporary world-order that also superseded the age of religion.  Will the Holocene (sometimes called Recent) epoch, Quaternary period, Cenozoic era be supplanted by the internet age through the accumulation and manipulation of expanding data?  Where human cognition loses its personal character, and people turn into data, and data become regnant?

How far will the United States go down this road, where strategic decisions are determined by data manipulation and algorithms?

Has the time come to assemble the most brilliant of minds across all demographics and decide what limits will be applied to this period of human history, and if we are ready for human thought to be replaced?


Gregory Owens SR


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Gregory Owens SR

Retired from the military in 2015 after 38 years of service, and decided to start my own blog directed towards my life’s passion of sports, military, and a whole lot more.