My Love Affair

You creeped in my life so unexpectedly. 

So, these questions I have for you respectfully. 

You think I’d give up, thought the I’d fail?

A deep breathe I take, slow to exhale. 

You caused me great pain, yet I’m here. 

My path broken but I’ll persevere

Had to find myself, I was going through some things..

The constant pain I take, made spread my wings

 The irony and process of pain is a lot, – I’ll admit

As we sit down, converse and even allow ourselves to get comfortable with it.

This thing with “YOU” shook me to my core,

I knew eventually I would overcome better than before (I would endure).

Other than the scars you left me to bare, I knew I wouldn’t miss our love affair…

AND honestly didn’t care.

All the tears I shed, I wont let YOU see

Time eventually will heal the wounds you left for me. 

Where did you come from? How did you get here?….

What is it “YOU” that I fear?

I pray once more I can endure.

Five years later, for another encore

Thought We were over……..Thought We were done 

Little did I know, we had just begun

My fight with YOU was a good one—-I fought.

Dealing with YOU once more, wasn’t even a thought

Didn’t enter my mind ……you could bring so much strife

How do I proceed with you in my life?

All that comes with you, All the flaws

My emotions all over, I hesitate with great pause

Tears filled my eyes as I calculate my next move. This is a battle I cant afford to lose.

This broken relationship wasn’t part of my life goal

But understanding the pain it’s caused …..will strengthen my soul.

Guidance and time, the healing has begun  

My Faith never stronger , cant be undone

I look above of what guided me through.

Over is My love affair with you; Cancer I BEAT you.

***To all who has or knows someone who has suffered from Breast Cancer or any type of Cancer. My love. Thoughts and Support goes out to YOU. Keep your head up, You are stronger than Cancer.

Donna Hammond