Author: Gregory Owens SR

Why your life is so Boring?

Try to learn something new about yourself. Know that your life is full of limitless possibilities. Learn to learn more and more. Brother Mapong Joshua III, tell you that you don’t have to be “this or that, but instead this and that”. Its the walls of life that confines you which is constantly defining you. Tear down those walls and discover who you really are.

The Agony of Defeat

Its amazing how young up and coming boxers fail to understand the meaning of humility, but instead boast after being knocked out. Yeah that speaks to exactly how Rolando Romero took in his defeat from the boxing gloves of opponent Gervonta Davis last night in Brooklyn, NY. Romero claims that he was winning the fight and that he had exposed Davis, well until he got exposed. Davis walked Romero into a wicked left hook that sent his opponent falling face first into the ropes. Although Romero made it to his feet, his legs were done and Davis picked up his 25th knockout at Barclays Center.