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What’s the Hour of the Night?

Queen Mother Audley Moore, July 27, 1950

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After four score years of freedom, our so-called leaders say that race has made great progress and we face the dawn of day. But the day is not quite dawning. Millions of my peoples stand pleading at the bars of justice for reparations and land. We’re not free in this country and the truth is the light. So I turn to ask my watchman, what’s the hour of the night?

We died fighting for democracy. I admit this to be true, yet countless African men & women have no homes or work to do. If I wish to see the daylight or the rising of the sun, we need our self-determination our own affair to run. Since only reparations will put freedom in our sight, let us turn to ask the watchman, what’s the hour of the night?

We fought with the mighty armies when they battled with the Huns. Faced the fierce pangs of combat, heard the roar of mighty guns. But no change came in our condition when the smoke had cleared away. For the blood we shed in battle did not bring the dawn of day. All of our suffering and service left us in the same old plight. So I turn to ask my watchman what’s the hour of the night?

The whites are celebrating their freedom, a bicentennial whose praise they sing, but Africans are also jumping on board although we didn’t get a thing. We’re still struggling for integration, as though it was a glorious fight. So I’ve got to ask my watchman what’s the hour of the night? Music is an art or science in which African men reign supreme, but the story of our progress is still a vision or a dream. But we have great voices for singing, but we have no voice in court. Imagine being attacked by police dogs just to register to vote. With self-determination we would have our perfect right, so we turn to ask our watchman what’s the hour of the night?

African men boast of their religion though I wonder if they should. When you take an inventory you’ll find them not so good. We build thousands of fine churches with the dollars that we give, yet masses of our people have no decent place to live. We say God is our rich father yet we’re always in a tight. Watchman strike a match and tell me what’s the hour of the night?

Civil rights laws just for us is proof that we are not free. How could we be fooled to think we have a share in this democracy. When foreigners come here they’re made citizens by choice. Citizenship was imposed upon us, we never had a voice. The passage of the 14th amendment took away the right, so you better ask your watchman what’s the hour of the night?

Time is running out for us. A deadline we must meet to file reparation petitions and make politicians earn their seats. If we’re to win this battle every organization must join the fight, then we’ll tell our watchman what’s the hour of the night.

Wake Up Black People

This recording of Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan is another wake-up for brothers and sisters of the African decent, who historically and currently are being led on the wrong path. Hopefully this recording will trigger your consciousness.

Ra’s Description of His Description

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“Thus, said Ra, the Lord of All, Lord of the Utmost Universe, after He had come into being: I am the One who came as Khepera. He who comes into being and brings into being. When I came into being, being itself came into being. All beings came into being after I came into being. Many were the beings that came forth from the commands of my mouth. Heaven had not yet come into being. Nor had earth come into being. Nor had the ground been created or the things which creep and crawl upon it. I raised up beings in the primordial waters (Nun) as inert things. I found no place on which to stand. I formed it from the desire in my heart; I laid the foundation through Ma’at. I created forms of every kind. Many were the forms which issued forth from the commands of my mouth. Not yet had I established Shu, the power and principle of air. Nor sent forth Tefnut the power and principle of moisture. There existed no one who acted together with me. I conceived in my own heart. And there came into being a vast number of forms of devine beings as forms of offspring and forms of their offspring.
I came forth from among the plants which I created, and I created all things which creep and crawl and all that exists among them. Then by the power and principles of light and air and the power and principle of moisture, heaven and earth were brought into being, and by earth and heaven Asar, Aset, Neb-Het-Tet, Set and Heru were brought into being from the womb, one after another, and they gave birth to the multitudes in this land”