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10 thoughts on “Performance Crew Shirt

  1. Very informative article. What would you recommend for a person in his mid 50’s coming off major back surgery? I have limited my activities to walking and as I continue recovering I plan on incorporating swimming. Some days are better than others, and I’ve really been itching to get back in the gym but I have no confidence in putting any kind of strain on my back.

    1. Just remember that its a process that you will have to go through, but understand that getting back in the gym will do you well. I recommend that you establish a program that place emphasis on strengthening your core/trunk muscles first, then progressively move on to your other body parts through strength and aerobic training.

  2. Great insight on this topic, I like the warrior mentality as it pertains to working out. But be smart and think healthy at all times! Nice posting GO!

  3. A noteworthy article with many valuable points for me as a gym owner. Greg, thanks for the insight and continued mentorship!

  4. Hi Gregory – great to meet you. You are right – motivation starts with a deep emotional commitment. Transformation has to be extremely meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

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