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MUST-READ SPORTS ROMANCE: Playbook Series Review

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MUST-READ SPORTS ROMANCE: Playbook Series Review

Did Colin Kaepernick win against the NFL?

By Gregory Owens Sr.

With last Friday’s big announcement that Colin Kaepernick and his former teammate Eric Reed formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, settled their collusion grievance case against the NFL without having to go the trial says a lot about both sides.

Clearly Kaepernick was facing the biggest foe of his career with his unwillingness to back down from kneeling during the national anthem to draw attention to police brutality and systemic oppression. Kaepernick believed that his social activism lead to the NFL owners colluding to keep him unemployed because of his political stance, that being despite repeatedly attempting to convince the public that he just wasn’t good enough anymore to play quarterback.  

Kaepernick’s case was expected to go to a full hearing sometime later this year, with the NFL facing the possibility of massive embarrassment and financial liability if it lost. It came to no big surprise that the league clearly needed an exit strategy to prevent further damaging their carefully guarded image, which has already taken a considerable hit in the area of race, and in health and safety for it’s players, that they would be extremely concerned about any additional future exposure.

The NFL is the most powerful sports conglomerate in the world with virtually inexhaustible financial resources. They have some of the best lawyers. For Commissioner Roger Goodell and the 32 billionaire owners he works for this settlement is a bad look for the league’s image, which clearly wanted to move beyond the damaging Kaepernick story.  

I believe for Kaepernick to have settled with the NFL points to financial compensation in a substantial way. With that being said, clearly he came out of this battle as a big winner and the NFL a wounded loser.